COMAGIM SYNDIC Mauritius of co-ownership – our SERVICES


The Syndic Mauritius will ensure the whole of the missions of management which fall to him under the terms of the legal provisions in force, of the contract established between the parts, the rules of joint ownership and the deliberations of the General Assembly.
COMAGIM Syndic apporte son expérience professionnelle aux copropriétaires et aux conseils syndicaux.


Annual General Meeting

Convocation of the Annual General Meeting :

  • Elaboration of the convocations of the annual General Assembly in liaison with the Syndical Mauritius Council ;
  • Preparation of draft resolutions and attachment of documents to the notice of meeting ;
  • Sending of the convocations with the said documents ;

Meeting of the Syndical Mauritius Council prior to the annual Ordinary General Assembly :

The purpose of this meeting will be to :

  • Preparation of the Annual General Meeting ;
  • Setting the agenda ;
  • The elaboration of the provisional budget ;
  • The syndic’s report on the execution of his mission ;

Discover below the current Comagim services of a management contract of Syndic Mauritius of co-ownership :

  • Meeting with the Syndical Mauritius Council to prepare the General Assembly ;
  • Provision of accounting documents ;
  • Holding of the Annual General Meeting ;
  • Budget execution ;
  • Bookkeeping and accounting ;
  • Administration and management of the co-ownership within the framework of the co-ownership regulations ;
  • Preparation of the Annual General Meeting, including the preparation of the budget ;

Provision of the various supporting documents concerning expenses

Holding of the Annual General Meeting :

The Syndic Mauritius will ensure :
  • The establishment of the attendance sheet ;
  • The secretariat of the meeting unless otherwise decided by the General Assembly ;
  • The keeping of the minutes book ;
  • The drafting of the minutes of the meeting when the Trustee is elected secretary of the meeting ;
  • The posting in the common areas of the abbreviated minutes mentioning the resolutions relating to the maintenance of the co-ownership and the works ;
  • The sending and notification of the minutes ;

General accounting of the co-ownership :

General Account Management :

  • Preparation of the general management account of the Syndicate ;
  • Presentation of the accounts ;
  • Establishment of the provisional budget in collaboration with the Syndical Mauritius Council ;
  • Calculation of the legal interests due to the Syndicate in application of the Rules of Co-ownership ;

Co-owner Accounts :

  • Establishment and updating of the list of co-owners,
  • Establishment of the accounts of the co-owners,
  • Maintenance of the individual accounts of the co-owners,
  • Management and allocation of individual consumption when the meters are installed when the Syndic Mauritius is appointed,
  • Calling up the provisions of the provisional budget.

Accounts Payable - Invoices :

  • Verification of invoices related to current management ;
  • Payment of invoices related to current management ;
  • Distribution of expenses among the co-owners ;

Bank account :

  • Any financial income and expenses will be allocated to the Syndicate Mauritius of co-owners account ;

Administration and management of the building complex in accordance with the co-ownership regulations :

Syndicate Mauritius Archives :

  • Holding and conservation of the useful archives within the framework of the current management of the building ;
  • Establishment of a summary list of the Syndicate’s documents and archives ;

Relations with the Mauritius Syndical Council :

  • Provision and communication to the Syndicate Mauritius Council of all documents, papers or information that may be of use to it in the management of the Syndicate Mauritius, including in particular the list of debtors, the pre-litigation and litigation files, the various estimates, contracts and invoices ;
  • Collection of the written opinions of the Syndical Mauritius Council ;

Maintenance and upkeep :

  • Visits to the building complex once a month ;
  • Negotiation, subscription, follow-up and management within the framework of the provisional budget of the building of the maintenance contracts of the common parts and the elements of common equipment,
  • Ordering and following up on minor repairs and maintenance work on common areas and common equipment within the framework of the building’s routine maintenance budget ;
  • Invitation to tender, study of quotations and competitive bidding resulting from the request for a plurality of quotations or the establishment of a descriptive quotation submitted for evaluation by several companies ;
  • Management of maintenance work ;
  • Management, follow-up and conservation of the various diagnostics or technical files ;
  • Establishment and updating of the maintenance booklet of the building complex ;

Insurances :

  • Taking out insurance policies in the name and on behalf of the Mauritius Syndicate ;
  • Declaration of claims concerning common areas ;
  • Declaration of claims concerning the private parts when the damage has its source in the common parts ;
  • Payment of benefits to recipients ;

Employees :

  • Staff recruitment ;
  • Establishment and conclusion of employment contracts ;
  • Determination and payment of salaries, bonuses and other allowances ;
  • Preparation of pay slips and maintenance of the payroll book ;
  • Compulsory declarations to social and fiscal bodies and payment of any social contributions and charges ;
  • Establishment of mandatory certificates and declarations ;
  • Management of replacements during leaves, sick leave and maternity leave of employees ;

However, the Mauritius Syndicate is advised to outsource the guarding and maintenance of the common areas and gardens.

Litigation and recovery of unpaid condominium fees :

First reminder before formal notice ;